Core Team - CoEUWSM

Our Emminent Team of Experts

Dr.Muthiah Mariappan

Principal Chief Advisor

National Environmental Policy expert. Professional expert in management of environmental issues such as Solid Waste Management, Water Pollution Control, Air Pollution Control etc.

Er. Yeragudipati H Rao

Vice Chairman

Expert in Circular Economy, Secured Landfill, Zero Liquid Discharge, De Salination

Dr.Murali Kannan

Program Director, & Internal expert

Expert in Municipal Solid waste management, Industrial waste management, Industrial compositing, Biodigestion of distillery spentwash and landfill technologies.

Er. Alexander Mani

Executive Director

Expert in Project Management Consultancy, WTE,

Er. Kamesh Kumar Mohanraj

Program Director, & Internal expert

Environmental Engineer & Industrial Safety & Hygienist and currently involved in bio methanation plants and recycling of non hazardous waste